Parishes of Upper Tweed
3 congregations working as one
Parishes of Upper Tweeddale Gallery
Word of Life - Worship Workshop in Skirling
Sunday Service at Tweedsmuir
Skirling Kirk
Skirling Memorial
Decorated Easter Eggs - Tweedsmuir 2021
Stobo Kirk
Stobo Kirk
Climate Crisis talk by Adrian Shaw
Skirling Graveyard Angel
Christmas Eve Service
Kirk Matters Cover Autumn 2017
Kirk Matters Christmas 2020
Our Malawian guests singing at Earlston Church
Minister's Walk at Stobo
Minister's retirement cake
Broughton Kirk from Dreva Road
Geoffrey Matias
Cross for Easter
Cross for Easter
Breakfast at Glenholm - Easter 2018
Upper Tweed Community Drivers
Stitches for Survival
Skirling Car Boot Sale 2022
Just some of the Pizza Supper
Harvest Supper
Bluebells in Manse garden
God With Us
Kirk Matters Christmas 2021
Guild outing on the Waverley Line - May 2016
NEST in Beirut
Inside one of the Kelpies
Tony and Yvonne Foley
The Kelpies Visitor Centre Shop
Tweedsmuir Kirk in Autumn
Miss Betty Eastland
Upper Tweeddale Lambing Service
Work of the JCC in Beirut
Clydesdale Foodbank
Minister's Walk 2016
Joint Kirk Session March 2017
World Day of Prayer - March 2020 in Broughton Kirk
Minister's Walk (Supper)
Drumelzier Church
Advent for Everyone
Lambs at Glenholm
Easter Service at Skirling 2018
Skirling Kirk
Minister's Walk 2016 - Stobo Kirk
Christian Aid
Rev. John Smith
The Kelpies at Falkirk
Life and Work May 2020
Sundae Sunday
Cross for Easter
Broughton Kirk
Tweedsmuir Big Brekkie
Skirling Kirk
Rev Dr. Rima Nasrallah and Rev Pamela Strachan
Tweedsmuir Kirk
Decorated Easter Eggs - Easter 2021
Geoffrey at Borders General Hospital
John and Rebecca
Skirling Car Boot Sale 2022
Kirk Matters Cover Christmas 2017
View from NEST towards the port of Beirut
Tweedsmuir Kirk's New Pulpit Cushion
View Above Broughton
Kirk Matters Easter 2022
Aloe Vera
Glenholm Service - Easter 2018
Community Carol Singing Poster
Festival Poster
Worship Night Poster
Guild Beetle Drive - April 2018
Broughton Kirk
Ukraine Flag and Map
Sundae Sunday - Digby Welch reads the story of Ruth
Miss Jessie Eastland
The Restaurant at the Kelpies Visitor Centre
Ros taking on one of the quiz questions
World Day of Prayer - March 2020 in Broughton Kirk
Christmas at Skirling - Dukes of Uke
Glenholm Cemetary
Mark and Richard (Strumash)
Spider Plant
Geoffrey with some of his church family in Malawi
Kirk Matters Christmas 2019
Broughton Manse - Front View
Lambing Service - Tony and a couple of hecklers
Heart and Soul 2020
John at the Harvest Supper
Drumelzier Kirk
Kirk Matters Easter 2021
The Restaurant at the Kelpies Visitor Centre
A beetle drawing prize winner
NEST in Beirut
Eddleston Voices
Tony Washing Up (The Proof!)
Coffee at Tweedsmuir - Easter 2018
Rev Pamela Strachan
Skirling Pews
Scottish Borders Young Carers
Minister's walk participants
Lord Carmichael of Skirling plot
rolling Easter eggs at Tweedsmuir
Cross for Easter
Broughton Church
Beetle and Pizza Drive - April 2018
Mark (Strumash)
At the Scottish Borders Council reception
Listening to I Have Been Unloved by Michael W Smith
Car Boot Sale Poster
Kirk Matters 2019
Christmas in Skirling Kirk
A Sundae Sunday sundae!
Decorated Easter Eggs - Tweedsmuir Easter 2021
Christain Aid Carboot Sale
Spider Plant
Keeping the score at the beetle drive
Scrumptious cakes in Skirling Village Hall 2022
Sundae Sunday sundaes!
Upper Tweeeddale
Guild stall at Broughton craft fair
Skirling Village
WDP Art Work by Juliette Pita
Kirk Matters Easter 2019
Guild Quiz Night
Aloe Vera
Clearing the Ground for the Broughton Primary School Polytunnel
Service in Tweedsmiur Kirk
Crook Inn
Easter at Glenholm
Clearing the ground for the polytunnel at Broughton Primary School
Kirk Matters Easter 2020
Music and Flower Festival
West Tweddale Parish Profile
The Nail
Kirk Matters Cover Easter 2017
Rev Rola Sleiman, Rev Rachel Dobie, Rev Nancy Norman, Very Rev Dr Sheilagh Kesting, Mrs Jane Gillham
Skirling Green Car Boot Sale
Guild Membership Card
Lambing Service - our two newest parishioners
Harvesting in Glenholm
Minister's Walk 2016 - Stobo
Sundae Sunday at Tweedsmuir Village Hall
Word of Life (Stobo Kirk)
Broughton Manse
Nativity Story at Skirling Mince Pies and Carols
Gravestone in North Aisle Chapel
Images from the Minister's Walk - 2016
Cross for Easter
Janet Ann Roan
Easter in Skirling Kirk
Easter Cross Instructions
Pamela Strachan
A Rebec
Kirk Matters Autumn 2018
Music and Flower Festival
Parishes of Upper Tweeddale Lambing Service
Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief
Quiz Night 2019
Vigil for Syria
Peeblesshire Foodbank
Esater Egg Rolling at Fruid - Easter 2021
Tony Welcomes Everyone
Harvest Supper (The Food Queue)
Janet Hunter comes 2nd in guild convenor's challenge
The Regal and the Remote
Skirling Green Car Boot Sale 2022
Easter Egg Hunt
The Things He Did
The Gerard Dott Trio at Portmore
Kirk Matters Cover Easter 2018
So much space! Making way for the Broughton Primary School polytunnel
Geoffrey with some of his church family in Malawi
Newyear Joint Service Prayer Tree
Cross for Easter
Concert in Stobo Kirk
Cross for Easter
Concentrating on Banaagrams at Lindisfarne
Stobo Kirk